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Out In The Cold

I love a good story! Maybe that is why I am so fond of the parables of Jesus. They are great stories that are so rich in meaning.  For the past few weeks I have been immersed in the parables through some research that i was doing. One of those parables that I began to study in great length is found in Matthew 18:21-35. This parable covers the last half of Matthew 18 and is one of my favorite parables by Jesus. The short of the story is that a man owes money to a King that he can never possibly repay. The amount he owes is even more than what is in circulation of his day. He begs the King for forgiveness repeatedly is says in the original language. The King is merciful and extends grace to his servant. Once the servant leaves he finds one of his servants who owes him a “few hundred bucks” (TNIV phrase) and has the man thrown in prison because he cannot repay. He was given mercy, but did not want to give it out in return. When the King finds out what has happened he has the man who initially begged for mercy put into prison. In this parable the King represents God. I hate to admit it, but all of us to some extent represent the unmerciful servant.

In the Church today there is a grace problem that I am noticing. I have been involved in situations where I know I messed up and when I do I always try to apologize. The problem is that people want to be like the unmerciful servant and not grant us what we have asked for.  This can be frustrating, but you cannot let it hold you back. If you have asked for forgiveness of someone you have wronged then you must move on and let God take over the situation. Will it still bother you? Most definitely it will, but through time and prayer God will give you the peace that you are looking for. Just remember how merciful God is to you and make sure you are being the same to everyone around you. Even if someone still wants to keep you out in the cold after you have tried to reconcile God sees what you have done and He will bless you for following the way He has laid out for you.

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