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Many years ago I heard a great preacher say “the thinking of the world has found itself inside of the Church!” As a young Christian I wondered what those words exactly meant. I did not fully understand what he was saying. A decade later I remember those words and realize how true it really is. Every Church in the world has some problems that they deal with on a regular basis and some of those problems can be found every time we look at ourselves in the mirror.  The problems that I am referring to are those that each of us create without so much as a second thought. One of the biggest problems that I see many of us creating is that of constant criticism. We have become a Church that acts and talks like the world around us.

Everyone who is a Christian and attends Church regularly probably has had an issue with how they use their words. We usually don’t want to admit it but everyone of us at some point and on different levels has been wrong. I see this happening in the Church and I have been growing tired of it lately. The world around us accepts using negative words toward one another as a common occurrence and because it seems normal it finds its way into the Church. Perhaps its time to break this cycle of negativity among God’s people! All of us don’t want to admit our faults, but they are ever present for everyone to see. Each of us has many faults that we do not want to admit to ourselves and others. Knowing we have faults should help us to be more gracious, but unfortunately it does not. Why is that? Why do we knowing pick each others faults apart more than offering a compliment? I think the simple answer is that we have taken on the thinking of the world. It could also be that are commitment to Christ never reaches beyond ourselves into the communities that we are a part of.

What would happen to any congregation if it was willing to turn this attitude around? I think that any congregation that was willing to learn to compliment each other more than complain about one another would experience a fresh move of God in their midst. But all of this has to start somewhere. It has to start with the individual. It has to start with you and me making up our minds that we are going to glorify God in every way possible that He has commanded us to in His word. I want to learn this winter to see all the good qualities in my Church family before I begin to look at the negative ones. I want to learn to be a person who compliments others around him and encourages people more. It all starts with a decision and takes daily work to back up that decision. In Galatians 6:10 Paul says “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” We can fulfill this scripture by learning to compliment each other instead of being critics. This I believe is what God intends for His Church and this is the person I want to become everyday.

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