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Is This David Vs. Goliath?

Within the last 2 months former Minister Mike Huckabee has began to surge in the Republican polls. When answering questions with other Republican Candidates he seems articulate and ready to answer anything that comes his way. As one who watches the news and political programs I must admit that I was not that familiar with this candidate. Watching him in the debates and listening to his views have piqued my interest. This could be a David Vs. Goliath in the making. Huckabee is bringing his theological and political training to the table. That offers a unique perspective that no other candidate can provide.

I am not completely sold on this candidate yet, but I do have to wonder what a former Minister would be like as the next President of the United States. So far I see Huckabee standing on his Christian convictions and that certainly has my attention. The only way to know is by seeing what he stands for yourself. Go to mikehuckabee.com and find out for yourself. When I look what is out there right now I am glad someone with conviction is in the race and doing well so far.

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