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As I look around at the state of the Church I wonder how serious we are about our relationship with Jesus. People in the Church tend to become more isolated than what the believers of the 1st Century were. They had a vibrant faith that conquered cities in the name of Jesus. They had less comfort and a greater devotion to what they had been called too. What will it take I wonder for the 21st Century church to have that same type of fire that the church initially started off with when it was formed? I don’t think that another church program is the answer or even going to a conference to get fired up for only a moment in time.

I think one of the missing elements that hinders spiritual growth is dedication. The early church was dedicated to the Great Commission no matter what their circumstances were. We need to take not of that collectively. When we decide that we are going to give our best to God despite what happens in our lives I believe that we will see God move in great ways among us. It sounds simple yet we have a problem with truly living it out all of the time. Revival is what serious Christians are longing for. Before revival can come we must saturate ourselves in prayer and God’s word regularly. How can we know what God wants from any body of believers who are not in constant communion with Him?

If we want to be serious about our faith we have to decide that we are going to live for God with intensity. It means that we are willing to come before Him and let Him direct how we live our lives and learn to submit to His authority. The bible says that humility comes before honor. Are there any humble Christians left who truly desire God’s Will for their lives? When humility is taken seriously we will see a turn around within the body of Christ. When it is not achieved we will only keep spinning our wheels and professing that we love Jesus.

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