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Some things in life are never what they seem. Many times in our lives we envision how things should be, but they always are much different once we are in the midst of them. When I was 17 I signed up for the Army and thought in my mind how it was going to be, but once I was in Basic Training it became much more difficult than I had ever imagined. What I had dreamed up in my mind was not what I had experienced. You would think that after having that type of reality check at a young age that I would have stopped dreaming of how things would play out in life. The truth is I have not stopped, but I have learned to accept reality for what it is.

To this day I still remember a day in the fall of 2004 when Sarah told me that she was pregnant. I remember crying and hugging her because I was full of joy. That is when my problem of living in a dreamy state started all over again. For the next 9 months I began to dream along with Sarah of what parenthood would be like. We talked about what we would do as parents and how we would handle ourselves much better than “other parents” who always seemed to be stressed out. I watched 3 Men & a Baby, and Look Who’s Talking so I just figured that it would be a breeze. I must admit that the first 3 months of Dylan’s life I remember thinking “what did we get ourselves into?” This parenthood was far from any movie and was all consuming. The reality was far from what I had dreamed up in my mind. It took me 3 months to feel comfortable with being a dad. I cannot imagine not having Dylan in my life and love being a dad, but the reality of it all could never be captured by a Hollywood movie or a dream that my mind concocted. Reality is accepting life on life’s terms and living within those terms and not a dreamy state.

One of the problems that the church of the 21st Century is having is that it is not living fully in reality. In the past 20 years the Church has seen a dramatic shift in its theology and practice. The Gospel of Jesus has been changed into a feel good self help manual that is far from the reality that Jesus presented while he walked among His creation. During the entire summer our Church we will be spending its time in all four Gospels to see if we are Living in Reality. We will lay our lives next to the Gospels to see if we are living in a way that Jesus has commanded us to live. Sometimes we begin to live in a dreamy state when it comes to our relationship with God. We have heard someone say something that sounded biblical even thought it wasn’t or we have listened to the health and wealth gospel which has distorted the message that Jesus presented. I have a strong desire to live within the parameters that Jesus has laid out so that I can experience Him to the fullest in this lifetime. To do so requires perseverance on a daily basis. My desire must be driven by what his word says in its proper context or I am living in a dreamy state. I invite you to examine yourself with me this summer to see if we are living in a way that matches up with the reality of God’s Word.

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