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Existential Conversation

Yesterday after a business meeting I spent time with an old friend who is approaching 60. He informed me that his time could be short on this earth due to medical problems. This was hard to hear because I love my friend and he has always been around when I needed him to be. As our conversation progressed to a more philosophical nature he began to tell me about a relative and what their take was on the after life. It seems the family member of my friend had some strange views about what hell would be like that are in no way theologically grounded. As a professed Existentialist my friend was not troubled by what the outcome of death would be which troubled me for the rest of the day and into this morning. One of the most troubling issues in the Church today is the existence of views in any local congregation that look like a buffet rather than a clear and concise understanding of biblical truths. Existentialism is once again on the rise with the help of a certain woman talk show host. New age has also been re-packaged and all of it mixes with biblical truth until for some it becomes a dangerous theology that people are now living by.

When false beliefs and teaching mix with theological truths the outcome is a Church that is living for itself on a shaky foundation. Instead of the Church doing and becoming what God has called it to be it becomes a bastard child of existentialism which at its core is about self worth and satisfaction. As Christians we have been called to carry our cross which usually means discomfort and hard work. Instead we hear people say things like “people need to know What’s In It For Me” which I heard one person say. That statement should scare anyone who is a Christian because it takes the focus off of bringing glory to God. Most of the frustrations in this life and the Church have to do with selfishness and self satisfaction. Our lives and our Church will only improve when we understand how it is suppose to work. We can only discover that by reading through our bibles systematically on a regular basis. If we do not we will have dysfunctional lives and dysfunctional churches.

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Prayer can be dangerous! It can also be so frustrating! Everyone who is a Christian probably has had many up and downs with this aspect of their faith. If you are consistent enough you come to realize that over time you experience being more open with God. Learning to be comfortable can be great, but it can prove dangerous because the closer we get to God the more convicted we become over areas in our life. I have noticed that when I am being honest with God through prayer that the conviction to match my life with Christ is much deeper. This past month has been the most difficult because God seems to be using multiple circumstances to reveal to me things that I need to work on. My first response is alway to hide from the conviction. Then when God moves in an unexpected way to reveal it to me I know that it is my praying more openly that has lead me to where I am at. That is why prayer can be dangerous. It leads asks God to do something in us and through us not realizing that there is still a lot of work to be done.

The hardest part about all of this is prayerfully working through the conviction that has been laid upon you. When God reveals an area of our inner life that needs attention we don’t always like to give in. The hard part is agreeing with God and then trying to prayerfully work out this issue. The only thing that can hold us back is our pride. I have had experience with this when it comes to conviction, but I know that the best was is the one that brings glory to God. Humility is never easy to attain, but we are commanded to be humble many times throughout the New Testament. If there is one area that kills the church it is a building full of prideful people who are refusing to work through convictions that God has laid upon them. I trust that God will move through me in greater ways as I work through my issues with Him according to His plan. If I do not work through them then pride has the victory in my life. Humility is a tough thing to obtain for the Christ, but we are command to do so. I think working through our issues will prove a greater desire for God and the people who sing next to us every Sunday morning.

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