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Going Home

Within the next 10 days my wife and I will be moving back to the area that we are originally from. Due to unforeseen difficulties with ministry we will not be involved with paid ministry for sometime. We will continue to worship our God and get involved with a local church, but for now we will have a break from the stress of paid ministry.

This new chapter for my family comes as a blessing at this point in our lives. It is a release from the traditional thinking church and gives us time to assess where we go from here. We have always talked about being back in the area where we are from with a desire to possibly plant a church. While we have no certainty of our future we have faith in a FAITHFUL GOD who controls all things and will be directing us where to go next. For now I keep reminding myself of Joseph and his time in prison. Certainly he must have thought at different times that God was not in that when in fact God had everything to do with it. As David has proclaimed “I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living (Psalm 27:13)” I say also. A new chapter begins with God as the author.

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