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Attitude Counts

Yesterday my wife and I spent some time with our friends from a congregation that I recently was the Pastor of. These friends have stopped attending the Church since I was forced to resign and not even given a good reason of why this happened. Since they have stopped attending the Church some of its leaders have acted arrogant and a bit snide to them when they see them in the community. When they told me several of the stories my heart ached for them and my former Church. This type of attitude should never be a regular occurrance for God’s people. Jesus died because he loved us (Romans 5:8), but despite the love that God has shown His people we still sometimes want to justify ungodly attitudes. When we approach fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, family members, and co-workers we are to be full of grace and love which is missing in today’s culture. If you are in Christ and have been saved by God’s grace you have an opportunity to be a leader wherever you are by demonstrating to everyone around you how much you love God with your attitude. Your attitude in general reveals to others who know you are a Christian how mature you are in Christ. I am not saying that you should be a doormat to everyone around you, but you should be the most humble and loving person to everyone you can who will receive it. When you act with arrogance as a Christian toward others it will get around eventually through people talking and the name of Jesus will be profaned. Everyday God gives us the opportunity to let our light shine for his glory through our attitudes. Shine brightly for the the One who gave His life for you.

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