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I wonder sometimes how much people in the church really pray. I hear people saying all the time “we’re praying for you” but I wonder how true that is.  The many problems that we have in our lives and at the Church would probably work out much better if all of us who call ourselves Christians would spend adequate time each day on our knees. When I became a Christian and began to read through the Bible I was immediately drawn to the book of Psalms. This book reveals the character of God and how the Saints of old use to call upon His Name. One of my favorites through the years has been Psalm 34. When I look at it I see an invitation to come and meet with God. It talks about what life is like for those who are willing and serious about communing with him regularly. In the middle of this Psalm there is an exhortation to holy living and after that is another reminder of how God listens to those who walk in His commands and how he responds back.

Maybe part of our problem in the Church is that we don’t know how to pray. I think sometimes people might be intimidated worrying about what words to use. The best way to begin is by making sure you are taking in a steady diet of the word each day and getting on your knees and talk to God about how you don’t know how to pray and your desire to see this area of your spiritual life grow. If you do those 2 things that are so very basic you will begin to notice a change in not only your prayer life, but you will also see that your desire for God and true Christian growth will begin to matter much more. If those of us who make up the Church do not learn to pray on our own how can we begin to do so together and expect God to change us? We are being invited each day to come before God. We need to answer His invitation.

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