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John Piper on Prayer

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Into The Unknown


This past weekend my wife and I spent time with a Baptist Church that we have been talking to since October of this year. There was several informal times of talking with the congregation on Saturday which was fruitful and tiring. The more I sat with this group of believers the more comfortable I felt. I have been through this process before, but have never felt more at ease at any other time. On Sunday morning I preached a sermon and received a unanimous vote which never happened before. My wife and I accepted the call of the Church and will be moving there hopefully before the New Year begins.

Due to the tough circumstances that me and my family have been through this year I have a greater faith in the future than I have ever had before. When you go through tough trials it changes you in ways that you can never imagine. I have a greater hope in God, His Church, my family, and my faith. For the first time in ministry I have a peace that I know only comes from God. If there is one definite praise that I can give God for everything in the past year it is the fact that my approach and excitement level for ministry is at a all time high. I say that knowing that like any ministry there will be difficulties and criticisms. I am ready to embrace the unknown again after stating at the end of the summer that I would never enter into full time ministry again. God gets all the glory for my changed attitude and heart. We serve a good God who is faithful to those who trust in Him.

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