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Choir at the Mall


This past week I was doing some Christmas shopping at Alton Square Mall in Alton Illinois. I was walking out of a department store and  noticed people looking down over the railing to the bottom floor which is an open area. I decided to take a peek and I say a high school choir getting ready to sing. The choir started off with Noel which is a great song for this time of year. They followed with a few familiar Christmas Carols and sprinkled a few hymns throughout the performance. It was refreshing to see high school students being led to sing traditional Christmas Hymns in a politically correct age that seems to despise the true meaning of Christmas. Throughout this day I also heard “Merry Christmas” from more people than I can count. It seems that those who have issues with saying “Merry Christmas” and who are not in tune with the true meaning of the season are fewer in number with those of us who celebrate the gift of Jesus.

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