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hp1This past week I kept receiving a message that my Norton Anti-Virus was about to run out on my HP Laptop. This was troubling since the computer is only 2 months old and I have a receipt for a 3 year subscription that HP was suppose to install when I ordered this computer. I decided to call them only to be sent overseas and was re-routed several times to people I could not fully understand. After about an hour on the phone I became frustrated and asked if they would just send me another subscription for Norton in the mail. To my surprise they agreed. Usually something like this rarely happens, but we take what we can get these days from customer service.

Trying to resolve any issue with any ones customer service department can be frustrating. There is a lot of talk but rarely does the problem get resolved. As I think about my experience with HP today I wonder to myself how frustrated people become with the Church at times because they feel lost in what we do and our overall processes. Too much of the time Churches worry about being nice and huggy with new people in the building without much thought that they are confused or frustrated by not knowing why we do what we do. If we want to be better than a customer service department we are going to have to engage people in conversation and help them understand quickly who we are and what it is we believe in. New people coming into the Church are coming for a reason. Do you know why they are coming? Trust me, there is a reason. We are not called to meet every need, but we are called to minister to those who God brings through our doors. Lets be better than HP and help new people figure it out.

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