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Interesting Challenge

bibleA friend of mine from the Quad Cities in Illinois told me about an interesting challenge that his Church is going through. The Pastor challenged the congregation to go through the entire Bible in one year. The Church is probably about 350-400 in size and he said that 200 or so people signed up for this challenge. As we talked I kept wandering how this congregation will be transformed by those who accepted this challenge. There are many who do not regularly get into the word of God and find it easy to brush off with everything else going on in their lives. Those who take in a steady diet of the Word cannot walk away from it without their lives being impacted.

What about a Lent New Testament Challenge? That is what I will be challenging our congregation with this Sunday. The New Testament has a total of 260 chapters. If you were to read 6.5 chapters a day and you started on March 2nd you would complete the New Testament by April 10th. If you have never read through the New Testament from the beginning of Matthew through Revelation how can you know what the Word of God truly has to say? Challenge yourself to read the New Testament in 40 days and watch how God will grab a hold of your heart and strengthen your faith.

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