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descentA few months ago I was looking for something different to read and came across Surprised by The Power of the Spirit by Jack Deere. This book discusses a journey with the Holy Spirit by a former Dallas Theological Seminary Professor. It is well written and will help anyone to think outside of the box that we have placed the Holy Spirit in within the walls of the Reformed/Calvinistic traditions. After reading this book I purchased Surprised by the Voice of God which is Deere’s follow up to his first book. I found the second offering more in depth and theological concerning the work and power of the Spirit that is still available today. While many might give Deere a hard time for his writings for becoming a part of the Charismatic Movement, I have to say that both of his books together are the best treatment on the subject that I have ever read. These are not books about tongues necessarily, but about the guidance, and promptings of the Spirit. Deere talks about prophetic words, impressions, dreams, and deliverance. If you have questions about the Holy Spirit and you are looking to have a broader understanding read both of these books and you will find yourself delighted and challenged by all of the material. No matter what tradition you are a part of there seems to be missing a desire for the Spirit to move among us and an ignorance of what His role is in the Church. These books could be valuable resources for any Christian Leader looking for a greater understanding.

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