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Out Of Focus

out-of-focusDo you ever go to Church and wonder what the purpose of the Church is? I think what I am seeing in the Christian Book Stores and hearing in some preaching today is helping the Church to lose its focus. Maybe we have lost our focus already! Our purpose as a Church (any true Church) is to be living for the glory of God. One of the greatest ways to do this is by evangelizing the lost. But the problem is that we don’t have a general enthusiasm for spreading the Gospel in our communities.

Could part of the problem be persistent sins in our lives? We don’t talk about sin and holiness much anymore. I have come to believe that sin is one of the greatest things that hold the Church and individual Christians back from serving God in greater ways. I don’t think that our lack of enthusiasm for spreading the Gospel can be pleasing to God. We sometimes even sit around and wonder why God’s blessing is not flowing in our Churches like we long for, but we don’t take into account our lack of evangelism.

Our focus in the modern Church needs to return to its roots that can be found in the book of Acts. We need to stop worrying about being comfortable and having programs that help us do nothing but take in more information. We need to be growing in Christ so that a desire to share who Jesus is becomes something that consumes us on a regular basis. I have to decided that in some way our Church will begin to shift to spreading the Gospel of Jesus as one of our main priorities. If we focus on the Gospel I believe that God will guide us in our efforts and will bless our work once it becomes truly Christ-centered. I want the fullness of God moving through me and my Church in this lifetime. To experience Him in greater ways I must honor the Name of Jesus by telling the lost about HIM.

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