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esvLast year I attended the t4g (together 4 the Gospel conference) which is targeted for those who are Reformed (Calvinistic) in their theology. Out of the 3-5,500 people I would say that only a minority of us were using the NIV bible. The ESV (English Standard Version) which came out in 2001 seemed to be the translation of choice. At the conference I bought this version and began to look at it periodically and use it in my sermon study. With our Church going through the New Testament in 40 days I decided I would challenge myself for the entire year to preach, teach, and have bible study in this version alone. It has similarities to the NAS95 but it is more readable in style. Transitioning from the NIV is tough because I have been using it for everything for the past 7 years. The ESV I have found has a great literal delivery that holds to the original Greek better than any other New Testament translation that I have found. It took a few weeks to get use to a new translation, but I have found a greater appetite for the Word with the ESV. If you have been stuck reading the same version for several years give the ESV a year trial and see what you think. You may find yourself enjoying bible study in greater ways.

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