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esv-1At the beginning of the Lent Season this year I gave our congregation a challenge of reading through the New Testament over a 42 day period. Sunday we finished this with great results. The 3 weeks leading to the end of the challenge I started to hear scripture indirectly quoted. I cannot remember a time when scripture was quoted more by a congregation during my ministry. People who had not gone through the New Testament in a long time or who never have been through it systematically before had a lot of praises during this time. The overflow of this challenge is still to be determined, but I have received emails, phone calls, and letters about what a blessing this has been for each individual. At a crucial time for our congregation I believe that this challenge will have positive impact on our Church through the rest of this year. When people start getting into the Word of God interesting things begin to happen. As a Pastor I have experienced first hand what happens to a Church that functions from a worldly perspective. But when the Word is our foundation we begin to see a change in our lives which impacts the body of Christ.

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