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QuestionToday the California Supreme Court took a stand against same-sex marriage. This decision by the California Supreme Court should be applauded. We are living in a time when there seems to be no definition of what true morality is. There must be some reference point that dictates true morality. For me that reference point is the Word of God. The reason that I am happy about this decision to ban gay marriage in California is that I see a homosexual agenda that is relentless right now. It goes beyond the marriage issue and it is trying to infiltrate many other areas of our lives. From the schoolroom to the proposed hate crimes bill the homosexual community is trying its best to promote itself and get the nation to accept them. This is still a free country and while freedom of speech is still my right I will choose to stand my ground upon the Word of God that this lifestyle is sin and unacceptable. My hope is that the Church will discuss this issue and not just sit this one out.

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