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Bible StudyA Pastor in San Diego was informed by a County Official that he was in violation of the county code with his “religious assembly” for having too many people over for a Bible Study. Fox News has the full story here;


When I read about this story I was in shock. What about Christmas time, family barbeque’s, or just hanging out watching the Super Bowl? I find it strange that a problem with a gathering that violates a county code has something to do with the Christian faith. I see persecution coming our way in this country and it is troubling. First we have a Hate Crime Bill (HR 1913) and now this. Maybe this is a wake up call for the Church that has taken its faith in Christ for granted. Maybe this will be a means for us to evangelize and defend our faith in greater ways. Whatever it is we need to wake up and take a look around. Every group in our country is being accepted with the exception of Christianity. However the San Diego problem turns out will be interesting.

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