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Calling All Leaders

I wonder how satisfied people are with their church experience. I have to say that until the past year I have not found much satisfaction. The turning point for me has been finding a group of college students who are hungry for the word of God and enjoy growing in their faith. People who are excited about moving forward with God excite those who are just going through the motions. The generation that is in college right now seem to not want to just go to church or play church, they desire to really understand what God wants from them and to act upon it. That attitude is completely refreshing for me.

While I am excited by this group of college students I do understand the reality of it all. One day they will move on and into their lives after graduation. They will seek out a church and get involved only to hit a few road blocks. People who are sold out to systems and traditions instead of having a hunger to live out their faith will affect them in negative ways. Thinking about this brings a heaviness to my heart. Why is the church so frustrating so much of the time? I think one of the best answers is that the leaders who are in place are just going through the motions. It’s an easy thing to do in any local church. But it’s not the life the Jesus has called us too. If you are a church leader you have a great responsibility to keep the church moving forward. This means guiding people closer to God through bible study, prayer, and good works. It means being a change agent. It means helping people realize that worship and  the Great Commission must be prominent if people are going to experience God in greater ways. The greatest hindrance in the Church today are its leaders. God did not let His Son be crucified so that the local church could be a club of close-knit friends. He let his Son die on the Cross to redeem a people for Himself who are willing to give everything they can back to Him. If you are a church leader you have a great responsibility. Remember what you have been entrusted with and who has entrusted you to carry out the work of the ministry.

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