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Several years ago I sat in a meeting with church leaders. I asked this group of 7 elders if they could show me the 3 distinct places in the New Testament where it mentioned what they were to be doing. Only 1 of them could remember one of the 3 places where it talks about elder leadership. This told me that these men who were to be leading the church did not know their New Testament very well and probably did not read their bibles regularly. When this took place I remember thinking “what are we doing if we don’t know the bible?”

As this years comes to an end I wonder to myself how many people sitting in the pews each week pick up their bibles after Sunday is over? I started in pastoral ministry in 2002 and will admit that I was more idealistic when I started out. I had this ideal of what I thought the church was, but now reality is staring at me and I cannot hide from it. We are lacking in the basic knowledge of the bible and cannot clearly define to others what the gospel is. Men from the 1st Century up to this point in time are willing to die for this and yet many cannot say what it is exactly. People cannot connect with a God or a Savior as they should if they do not know the Word of God. Going through the Word is not a simple task but it can bring a revival to your heart and conviction to your soul. Stay connected in the New Year that is upon us. Stay in the Word of God!

The leaders that I mentioned earlier. Most of them never reached out to the congregation and yet they always liked to pick apart the church staff. If they were not basing their positions on the bible, what point of view were they using then? If the Church does not know the Word it will do things in a very secular way. Trust me I know from experience that this happens a lot. Only those who know God through His word can stay connected to Him. Those who do not know the Word will just keep going through the motions and never see their spiritual lives grow.

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