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On January 7th, the New Jersey state Senate defeated a bill that would have legalized same-sex marriage. The vote was 20-14 and nine Democrats, including Senate President Steve Sweeney, either voted “no” or abstained. It seems that for the next four years this will not be brought up again. When I heard about this on the news I was happy since it seems that many states are caving into allowing this.

The issue of same-sex marriage is one that is not going away. What troubles me is the silence from the Church. Why are we not talking about this more and taking a stand. Even on the local level there seems to be not much talk. This for me is not about equal rights. This is a group wanting equal rights and telling America that we have to agree with them or we are racist. What ever happened to freedom of speech? The bible is clear on marriage! God created Adam and Eve. A man and a woman relationship is the one that God designed and ordained from the beginning.

I will say that my feelings do not drive me to violence in any way. I have the right as a citizen to voice my concerns for this problem as do those on the other side of the issue. What I cannot agree with however, is being shredded for my belief that same-sex marriage is wrong and against the will of God for His creation. I applaud New Jersey for their decision to say “No” to same-sex marriage. My hope is that it will speak loudly to many other states that will have to deal with this decision in the future.

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