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We are studying the Sermon on the Mount for our Wednesday Night program. John Stott reflecting on this part of Scripture says that “it is the least understood and applied” piece of text in the New Testament. This part of scripture is a good one to go back through every few months. I have always thought a good practice was to read it completely through in one setting. This does not take long and helps understand the complete unit as a whole. Mt. 6:8 says “Do not be like them!” This is a pivotal point that Jesus makes. What He is saying is not to be like those outside of the church. To put it a better way, we are not to be like the world. This sermon is a call to live counter – culturally which many Christians find difficult to do. I think what I am seeing in the church today are many who want to define their walk with God on their own terms. The Sermon on the Mount dispels any thoughts of going our own way. It is to the point and only 107 verses long. In the middle of this sermon we find how we are to connect with God. Chapter 6 is a pause of sorts that tells us how to live, pray, and fast. With all the complicated how- to books out there in the Evangelical world this portion of Scripture leaves us with a clear direction that we are to follow. Why do we make our life with God so difficult? He never intended for it to be that way.

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