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JS1262311It is official in Vermont! Same sex marriages have been approved by their legislature which over rides the Governor’s Veto! The vote was 100 to 49 which was shocking to me. This is another blow to our Country and God’s standard which clearly states that a marriage is between a man and a woman. My hope for any Church that is sold out to Jesus and the Word that it will stand its ground when discussing this issue with those who are for gay marriage. This is just another problem that I see with the “homosexual agenda.” They are demanding rights and getting them which frightens me. What will be next? Could we see the Church be silenced for preaching what the Word of God clearly says is a sin? This issue is not going away so if you are a Christian I hope you are discussing it inside and outside of the Church. There is a tear in the Church in small ways over this issue already. The generation that is in its early 20’s is more accepting of this because they have been taught that it is “normal.” May those who belong to Christ stand their ground on this issue. We have the right to be heard as much as anyone else in this Country.

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hp1This past week I kept receiving a message that my Norton Anti-Virus was about to run out on my HP Laptop. This was troubling since the computer is only 2 months old and I have a receipt for a 3 year subscription that HP was suppose to install when I ordered this computer. I decided to call them only to be sent overseas and was re-routed several times to people I could not fully understand. After about an hour on the phone I became frustrated and asked if they would just send me another subscription for Norton in the mail. To my surprise they agreed. Usually something like this rarely happens, but we take what we can get these days from customer service.

Trying to resolve any issue with any ones customer service department can be frustrating. There is a lot of talk but rarely does the problem get resolved. As I think about my experience with HP today I wonder to myself how frustrated people become with the Church at times because they feel lost in what we do and our overall processes. Too much of the time Churches worry about being nice and huggy with new people in the building without much thought that they are confused or frustrated by not knowing why we do what we do. If we want to be better than a customer service department we are going to have to engage people in conversation and help them understand quickly who we are and what it is we believe in. New people coming into the Church are coming for a reason. Do you know why they are coming? Trust me, there is a reason. We are not called to meet every need, but we are called to minister to those who God brings through our doors. Lets be better than HP and help new people figure it out.

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Attitude Counts

Yesterday my wife and I spent some time with our friends from a congregation that I recently was the Pastor of. These friends have stopped attending the Church since I was forced to resign and not even given a good reason of why this happened. Since they have stopped attending the Church some of its leaders have acted arrogant and a bit snide to them when they see them in the community. When they told me several of the stories my heart ached for them and my former Church. This type of attitude should never be a regular occurrance for God’s people. Jesus died because he loved us (Romans 5:8), but despite the love that God has shown His people we still sometimes want to justify ungodly attitudes. When we approach fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, family members, and co-workers we are to be full of grace and love which is missing in today’s culture. If you are in Christ and have been saved by God’s grace you have an opportunity to be a leader wherever you are by demonstrating to everyone around you how much you love God with your attitude. Your attitude in general reveals to others who know you are a Christian how mature you are in Christ. I am not saying that you should be a doormat to everyone around you, but you should be the most humble and loving person to everyone you can who will receive it. When you act with arrogance as a Christian toward others it will get around eventually through people talking and the name of Jesus will be profaned. Everyday God gives us the opportunity to let our light shine for his glory through our attitudes. Shine brightly for the the One who gave His life for you.

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As I look around at the state of the Church I wonder how serious we are about our relationship with Jesus. People in the Church tend to become more isolated than what the believers of the 1st Century were. They had a vibrant faith that conquered cities in the name of Jesus. They had less comfort and a greater devotion to what they had been called too. What will it take I wonder for the 21st Century church to have that same type of fire that the church initially started off with when it was formed? I don’t think that another church program is the answer or even going to a conference to get fired up for only a moment in time.

I think one of the missing elements that hinders spiritual growth is dedication. The early church was dedicated to the Great Commission no matter what their circumstances were. We need to take not of that collectively. When we decide that we are going to give our best to God despite what happens in our lives I believe that we will see God move in great ways among us. It sounds simple yet we have a problem with truly living it out all of the time. Revival is what serious Christians are longing for. Before revival can come we must saturate ourselves in prayer and God’s word regularly. How can we know what God wants from any body of believers who are not in constant communion with Him?

If we want to be serious about our faith we have to decide that we are going to live for God with intensity. It means that we are willing to come before Him and let Him direct how we live our lives and learn to submit to His authority. The bible says that humility comes before honor. Are there any humble Christians left who truly desire God’s Will for their lives? When humility is taken seriously we will see a turn around within the body of Christ. When it is not achieved we will only keep spinning our wheels and professing that we love Jesus.

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Online Frustrations

The Internet can be a wonderful place of news and information. Whether it is a word we forget to spell correctly or a streaming video of the latest news story, just about all that we want to know is at our fingertips. To some extent I believe that I have taken this convenience for granted. As one who is in the office quite a bit I admit that I enjoy the availability of the Internet. But sometimes even a good thing can be bad. For me I have had experience with on-line Christian forums of many different varieties and lately they have frustrated me.

My frustration is not so much with Christian Forums, but how we treat one another as God’s children on-line. I see people jabbing at one another on-line and it frustrates me. This happens in the local church, but never face to face that often. Usually people will take jabs at one another behind each others back. By saying all of this I am in no way implying that I have always been perfect when discussing things through an on-line format. I am just frustrated with those of us who claim to be Christians treating each other harshly or arrogantly when we do not agree on every single point of theology. I think when things get to frustrating in any area of our lives we have to take a step back and re-evaluate ourselves a bit. Somethings such as discussion forums can even bring us down even though they are started with good intentions. I have come to realize that many of our frustrations that we go through are caused by decisions we make. We choose our responses to others everyday. I want to become a person who extends more grace everyday of my life. I want to become a person who exhibits greater character in all situations. Ephesians 4:2-3 in the NLT says “Be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each others faults because of your love. Always keep yourselves united in the Holy Spirit, and bind yourselves together with peace.” I want to always remember those words so that I don’t forget what is expected of me. I always want to be able to live those words out  in every setting of my life.

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