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QuestionToday the California Supreme Court took a stand against same-sex marriage. This decision by the California Supreme Court should be applauded. We are living in a time when there seems to be no definition of what true morality is. There must be some reference point that dictates true morality. For me that reference point is the Word of God. The reason that I am happy about this decision to ban gay marriage in California is that I see a homosexual agenda that is relentless right now. It goes beyond the marriage issue and it is trying to infiltrate many other areas of our lives. From the schoolroom to the proposed hate crimes bill the homosexual community is trying its best to promote itself and get the nation to accept them. This is still a free country and while freedom of speech is still my right I will choose to stand my ground upon the Word of God that this lifestyle is sin and unacceptable. My hope is that the Church will discuss this issue and not just sit this one out.

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cpMiss California Carrie Prejean stood before a national audience this past week and stated that marriage is defined for her as being between a man and a woman. Some think that this kept her from being crowned Miss America. As I looked at several interviews with Carrie I notice that there is no regret from her taking a stance that she believes in. Those who are Disciples of Jesus should be encouraged by Carrie’s bold response. Never should we have any inclination to back down from what we know to be the Truth of God’s Word. I think that Carrie deserves applause for the kind way she delivered her response and the way that she has handled herself. Perez Hilton on the other hand seemed like a crazed man out of control on his video blog. It seems to me that the Homosexual Community cries out for equal rights and says that those who protest are filled with hate. What I see coming from this group is nothing but hate for those who stand on the Word of God as the source for morality. May all of us have compassion in our hearts, but may we never back down as Christians from what God’s Word teaches about sexuality. God created them in the beginning male and female. His design is for a man and woman to be together. He is the Creator and He is the One who has the only right to define what is morally acceptable. Thanks Carrie for taking a stand in a immoral climate.

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JS1262311It is official in Vermont! Same sex marriages have been approved by their legislature which over rides the Governor’s Veto! The vote was 100 to 49 which was shocking to me. This is another blow to our Country and God’s standard which clearly states that a marriage is between a man and a woman. My hope for any Church that is sold out to Jesus and the Word that it will stand its ground when discussing this issue with those who are for gay marriage. This is just another problem that I see with the “homosexual agenda.” They are demanding rights and getting them which frightens me. What will be next? Could we see the Church be silenced for preaching what the Word of God clearly says is a sin? This issue is not going away so if you are a Christian I hope you are discussing it inside and outside of the Church. There is a tear in the Church in small ways over this issue already. The generation that is in its early 20’s is more accepting of this because they have been taught that it is “normal.” May those who belong to Christ stand their ground on this issue. We have the right to be heard as much as anyone else in this Country.

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Sour Milk

penn1This morning while I was watching the news I had to endure what the winners from the Oscar’s had to say. While I am a movie buff, I do not like the rhetoric and agenda that Hollywood seems to promote unashamedly. As I was watching I had to listen to Sean Penn who won an award for the movie MILK. This movie (which I have not or will not watch) is based on Harvey Milk and his fight for equal rights for homosexuals. Penn stated that this was really about “equal rights” which is what he said when he won the Golden Globe for the same part earlier this year.

The issue of homosexuality is becoming an increasing issue in our culture. Now people are saying that this is a civil rights issue. This is becoming such a big issue that it is influencing those who are in the Church and Christians are beginning to sit on the fence. This is not a civil rights issue! This is a problem and those of us in the Church need to take the stand that scripture does. In Romans 1:18-32 & 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 God tells us that homosexuality is wrong. He tells us that this lifestyle is sinful and unnatural. This is what we must teach and preach since it is a part of God’s Will.

I will say that when witnessing to a homosexual or discussing the matter with them we should always do so in love and grace. With that said I do not think that the Church should back down one bit from what we believe is the absolute truth of God’s ordained plan for His Creation. Hollywood is leading a charge that will impact our culture in negative ways for years to come. Those of us who are in Christ must defend the faith and we need to realize that we have the same right to discuss this issue as those who are trying to promote something that is against God’s design. God blesses those who stand up for the truth.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Those simple 2 words that define this time of year are becoming increasingly unpopular. I personally love to say those 2 words because it reminds me and everyone who hears them what the true meaning of Christmas is all about. This time of year is set aside to recognize the birth of Jesus who is the only Savior of the world. Those of us who are Christians should cherish the words Merry Christmas and let them be a reminder of the Grace of God. 

It seems to me that those of us who make up the Church are not speaking out loudly enough against those who are liberal and cry foul at words that have been used during this time of year for many centuries. The liberals cry foul against anything Christian and want more tolerance for everyone outside of Christianity. My fear for the future is that this will become an even bigger issue. As a Army Veteran who has been through Desert Storm and as a Christian Pastor I reserve the right to use the words Merry Christmas and exercise my freedom of speech. To be honest I have not heard one person get offended at those words in the last several years. The only ones crying foul are the hard line liberals of this country who seem to have an agenda against the Christian faith. This is a great time of year to remember the great love that God has for His creation. I remember His love and grace every time I hear the words Merry Christmas.

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